Convention: Nominations

77th Convention of the LCMS Southern District and the Southern District Church Extension Fund

Romans 10:15 – And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Who Can Submit Nominations?

      • Congregations of the Southern District meeting in assembly can decide by vote who they will nominate.

Items for Consideration in Making Nominations

      • The proper filling of district offices, boards, and committees depends on thoughtful nominations.
      • Each voting congregation shall be entitled to nominate one ordained minister from the ordained minister’s roster of the Synod as candidate for President (SO District Bylaw Article V.A.1).
      • Each voting congregation is also requested to nominate one ordained minister and one lay member from their circuit to serve on the Board of Directors (SO District Bylaw Article V.B.1).
      • Each congregation is finally requested to make nominations for the Southern District Nominations Committee, as well as the Southern District Church Extension Fund (CEF) Board of Trustees.
      • It is always a good practice to inquire of a person to be nominated whether he or she will be wiling to serve if elected, although it is not wrong to submit the name of a person who is yet unsure about his or her ability or availability to serve.
      • Nominations will be followed up on by the current district nominations committee.
      • Nomination ballots are available below, under “Nomination Ballots,” and links will also be emailed to congregations at the end of March 2024.

What Positions Are Open for Nominations?

      • District President – Ordained
      • District Secretary – Ordained
      • District Treasurer – Lay
      • Board of Directors – Ordained
      • Board of Directors – Lay
      • District Nominations Committee – Ordained
      • District Nominations Committee – Commissioned
      • District Nominations Committee – Lay
      • Southern District Church Extension Fund – Ordained
      • Southern District Church Extension Fund – Commissioned
      • Southern District Church Extension Fund – Lay


      • The incumbent District President is Rev. Eric C. Johnson.
      • The incumbent District President must be re-nominated. The five candidates for District President receiving the most nominations will compose the ballot.
      • Incumbents in all other offices will automatically appear on the ballot if they are eligible, and if they consent to serve.

Nomination Ballots and Deadline

      • Use the links below to access and submit nominations. Nominations are due no later than November 24, 2024. Late nominations cannot be accepted.

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