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Church Offices, Pastors, and Presidents

Does your congregation need to call a commissioned minister? Contact the President’s Office (email or 985-635-4382) to let us know you would like to begin the call process.

Does your congregation need to call an ordained minister? Contact the President’s Office (email or 985-635-4382) to notify us that you would like to begin the call process.

Does your congregation need to amend or revise its Constitution and Bylaws? Click here for steps in the process. Also refer to the following resources from the LCMS:

Has your congregation recently elected new officers? The Southern District contacts pastors, church offices, presidents, treasurers, youth leaders, etc. with information that is relevant to them. The emails we send are important. Having a list of current congregational officers ensures that we send the right information to the right people.

Please update us when your congregation elects new officers. To submit these updates, click here for an electronic form or contact Daisy Olmstead (email or 985-635-4382) for a paper form.

All congregations of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod are to report congregational statistics (and lay leaders) annually.

Congregations of the Synod, to enable the Synod to plan current and future ministry efforts and to lend accuracy and integrity to the Synod’s delegate representation and voting processes, agree to provide annual membership and statistical information to the Synod. (Bylaw

Moreover, a congregation’s assessment for the Southern District convention is based on the confirmed membership number in its most recent statistical report.

The LCMS Office of Rosters, Statistics, and Research Services mails information by USPS about how to report statistics. Congregations should expect to receive this important mailing at the end of January or the beginning of February. The end of March deadline is communicated through that mailing, as well as subsequent emails and newsletters from the Southern District. 

If we are in a statistical reporting season and your mailing was lost and you need your login information to report statistics online, you may contact the LCMS Rosters Office (email) or call the LCMS Church Information Center at 888-843-5267.

Likewise, if we are in a reporting season and you have questions or if you need a paper statistical form, contact Daisy Olmstead (email or 985-635-4382) in the Southern District Office.

Has your church recently moved or changed any of its contact information? Make a quick update here to keep the Southern District Office informed of the change.

The Southern District partners with many organizations and agencies across the Synod, all of whom provide valuable resources. A list of our ministry partners is available here.

Is your pastor going on vacation? Is your congregation in a pastoral vacancy? Use the Pulpit Supply Directory to find pastors who can help during these situations.

The Pulpit Supply Directory is password-protected. Contact Daisy Olmstead (email or 985-635-4382) for the password.

Access the Pulpit Supply Directory here.

Geographically, the Southern District is quite large and spread out. One of the ways we can effectively provide resources to our congregations, schools, and RSOs (and connect people with varying gifts for ministry) is through Zoom webinars.

Upcoming webinars will be announced through email or our This Ministry We Share (TMWS) newsletter, depending on the target audience. When webinars are announced, please share the information with anyone in your place of ministry who can benefit from them.

Previous webinars are available on our YouTube channel. Please share this with your staff and leadership as well.

Does your congregation need help in designing or redesigning its website? The recommendations below provide affordable services for congregational budgets.

Business Offices and Treasurers

The Southern District Church Extension Fund brings together people in a common cause. The Southern District Church Extension Fund was created to assist churches in the Southern District by financing new mission plantings and to expand existing ministries through affordable loans.

Over the years since 1888, when the end of year assets totaled $86.45, the CEF has grown to more than $27,000,000 in assets as generation after generation of Southern District Christians have invested their dollars in a variety of CEF plans and services. The Church Extension Fund has made loans to congregations in the District for the purchase of property, construction of new facilities, parsonages, and the repair and renovation of existing structures. CEF funds are also available to congregations for the building of schools and day care centers. Over ninety percent of the congregations in the Southern District have benefited from a CEF loan.

CEF is unique because it depends upon “invested” dollars rather than “gifted” dollar to assist churches. Members of the Southern District invest in the CEF. The CEF in turn makes the assets of the funds available for loans to congregations of the District. In this process, CEF offers investors an opportunity to both participate in the growth of the church and to simultaneously receive a fair return on their investments.

Visit the CEF website here.

Contact the Southern District Church Extension Fund (email or 888-493-5962).

Concordia Plan Services walks with LCMS ministries in caring for workers and their families… so that the Word of God continues to spread!

From its earliest days, the Church has demonstrated a concern for the welfare of its members. The Book of Acts tells us that the earliest Christians shared everything they had, distributing to each member of the Church what was needed.

Today Concordia Plan Services provides benefits for over 6,000 LCMS organizations, including schools, universities, congregations and other ministries worldwide. CPS benefits and services not only provide financial protection and peace of mind in times of need, but also offer a wide range of support and encouragement for the wellbeing of our church workers.

Their dedicated team of benefit specialists helps employers and professional church workers understand and use the benefits they provide.

Visit the Concordia Plan Services website here.

Click here for the Southern District Expense Voucher, which is used to receive reimbursement for District business expenses.

LCEF is the financial extension of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). Because LCEF is a Synod-wide agency, it is able to provide additional, complementary resources to those provided by Southern District CEF. If your congregation is in need of a resource not available through CEF, they may refer you to LCEF.

Visit the LCEF website here.

Contact the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (online or 800-843-5233).

The Southern District seeks to provide vision and leadership for mission and ministry as we partner and work together with our congregations to:

      • Engage people in their life circumstance (Connect)
      • Help people know and love Jesus (Grow)
      • Love people unconditionally (Serve)

In response to what God has done and continues to do for us in Jesus, our Savior and Lord,

… we pray
… we live in His power
… we boldly act on His promises

Congregations of the Southern District are asked to prayerfully consider their financial support of mission and ministry within the District and Synod. They are also asked to pledge this support annually through a Partnership Commitment.

The Southern District Office has partnered with Vanco, a payment solution service. Vanco offers users the ability to make donations or remit payments, registration fees, etc., using a checking or savings account or by using a credit card or debit card. (The Southern District is charged a 3% fee for credit card payments.)

Vanco is highly secure, so you can rest assured that your personal information will not be seen by anyone.

To make a donation or payment using Vanco, click here. A new window will open, and you will complete your payment at their website. Once complete, you may close that window / tab and return here.

If you would like to mail a payment or donation, please send it to:

Southern District – LCMS
100 Mission Drive
Slidell, LA 70460

Obtain a Receipts Voucher here.

The Personnel Committee of the Southern District, out of loving concern for our Professional Church Workers and their families, annually reviews the salary guidelines to determine what adjustments may be necessary. These advisory guidelines are intended to be helpful to congregations and workers. Congregations are urged to seriously consider the guidelines as they review their workers’ salaries.

The Congregational Treasurer’s Manual provides information on various aspects of the duties of a congregational treasurer.

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. This manual is published with the understanding that The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. While every effort has been made to make the material in this text current as of the date of publication, constantly changing tax laws may affect the accuracy of this material.

The Congregational Treasurer’s Manual is available here.

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