Taking Action on a Special Wish List

The LWML Mary Martha Group of Christ the King in Enterprise, AL, led the congregation in collecting items for our Southern District Lutheran Camp.

We took the items off of Camp Dixie’s wish list. We then spent the six weeks of Lent collecting different items. Our goal was to help 50 campers. We collected 260 washable and 44 permanent markers, 357 CD/DVDs, 181 cases, 635 sandwich bags, 40 quart bags, 265 gallon bags, 18 rolls of tape, 7 rolls of packing tape, 127 paint brushes, 40 washable and 37 acrylic paints, 60 AA, 4 C’s, 8D’s, and 12 9-volt batteries! Through the help of Thrivent Action Team funds, we were also able to purchase a case of 8.5″ x 11″ paper and 20 air filters. After the collection period was over, 20 people came for a potluck supper to box up the items, and four people made the trip to deliver the items. We had a great time and look forward to next year!