Southern District Hurricane Preparedness Activation

harvey satellite photo
With the Gulf of Mexico Tropical Strom Harvey becoming Catagory 1 Hurricane, and in view of the information, just received from the National Weather Service, District President Schultz has activated Level 1 of the S0uthern District Disaster Response Network. The Hurricane is expected to make landfall near Corpus Christi late Friday night/Early Saturday morning as a major category 3 approaching category 4 strength.  One of the biggest concerns is the length the system may linger.  If it stalls and hugs the coast, continuing to feed off the warm waters of the Gulf, tropical storm force winds may continue for days.  Although Texas will definitely get the worst impact, Louisiana is anticipating flooding in the southwest portion of the state.  The other issue of concern in Louisiana is any heavy rainfall in New Orleans with the current situation with the less than adequate pumping systems operational.  Finally, there is not yet consensus on what will happen once with the system makes landfall.  One consideration is that it will dissipate inland, the other is that it will loop back to the gulf and make a second land fall in Louisiana. We know that this is a realistic possibility. This is why Louisiana has declared a statewide emergency.
Now is the time to monitor the storm closely and active Hurricane Preparedness Plans for your household as well as for those who may evacuate and seek refuge in your area.  Join in prayer for those in the path of the storm.  Be avenues of Jesus’ hospitality to those who seek shelter and refuge.   And be generous with His mercy and love to those who will need assistance after the storm passed.