Sharing the Free Gift of Grace

First Lutheran in Crowley, LA, shared Jesus during the Rice Festival parades which were held on October 20 & 21. For the second year, they had a table out in front of the church and offered free small bottles of water and popsicles to the passersby. The sign read: “Our water and popsicles, like God’s salvation, are free to you!”

During the year, First had been given several cases of free Bibles, so this year they were able to offer free Bibles and included free past issues of Portals of Prayer. They gave out 213 bottles of water and 204 popsicles. 42 Bibles were picked up, and many who picked up Bibles also picked up a Portals of Prayer. One person picked up three Bibles – one for each of her children.

On October 31, First shared God’s love when they participated in the city’s Halloween event downtown. They handed out more than 500 Christian items. These included bookmarks, activity sheets, and stickers. The people were very receptive to the fact that they received these special items with their few pieces of candy.