Sewing to Provide Hope

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Women at Hope Lutheran Church in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, have been involved with three sewing projects this year. The first was making “HOPE” pillows for the graduating seniors who attended Baccalaureate held at Hope in May. The pillows were something they could take with them when they left for college, to serve as a daily reminder of their faith and hope for the future.

The second project started with asking VBS students to donate pillowcases for “Sundresses for Africa,” which they did with great enthusiasm! A July work day at the church, as well as homework for some women, yielded 118 dresses which were later hand delivered by a local agency to an orphanage in Africa. The dresses were received with excitement and delight by the girls there.

The third ministry involved making eight “Angel Wraps” donated to Sacred Heart Hospital’s Birthing Center in October, to be used when parents suffer the loss of their unborn child. Pastor Jason Scheler had the opportunity to bring the first one to the hospital to use as he comforted parents who had lost their child who had been in the womb for 35 weeks. The women at Hope are looking forward to their next sewing session together, which will be scheduled during snowbird season when even more experienced sewers will be on hand.