Reformation Walk at Christ the King in Enterprise

Christ the King Lutheran Church in Enterprise, AL, celebrated Reformation Day with a Reformation Walk on November 4th. More than an ordinary walk, our participants stepped back 500 years to experience a few of the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Reformation. They learned how the world was changed forever, and they met some of the individuals who played a role in transforming the Church and the world, visiting the childhood home of Martin Luther, Wartburg Castle, Wittenberg CafĂ©, and even a print shop. They also ate homemade pretzels, played a “nun in a barrel” game, made their own Luther Rose, and sang A Mighty Fortress Is Our God with organ and guitar accompaniment.

Each of the ten stations took approximately fifteen minutes to complete, including travel time between sites. A nursery provided relief for parents and taught the children a brief lesson on the Reformation as well. The Reformation Walk was open to the public and more than half the attendees were from outside the congregation. It was a remarkable way to celebrate the anniversary of the Reformation and educate the community about our shared Church history.