Pairs and Spares

Redeemer’s Pairs and Spares Supper Club in Pensacola, FL, celebrated its 10th anniversary on January 6. We are not just a group of “old people” who don’t want to cook; we are a mixture of young and old.

We divide into groups of about eight people or four different households. Each month, we take turns picking out a restaurant for our group to eat at. It can be a place that we love, or it can be a place we have never been to. Sometimes, it’s the best food we have ever eaten and sometimes … well, we just remember that one and don’t go back. Bur every time we go, it is good Christian fellowship. It’s a perfect time to get to know someone from early service or late service … or someone we say hello to but really don’t know very much about them … or someone we have never spoken to … but we are always glad we have the chance to know everyone better. We change groups every four months. Sometimes we are with the same pair or spare that we were with last time, and sometimes we are with a brand new group of pairs and spares. Right now we have five groups.