News from Unity in Birmingham

We, the members of Unity Lutheran Church in Birmingham, AL, daily pray for the recovery of our pastor, Perry McCullam, who has been ill for a while. Despite his absence, we have been carrying out activities of the yearly calendar with God’s guidance.

Four of the activities were community outreach. There was an attendance of 75 to 138, and of all ages.

The culminating activity was vacation Bible school. We had a great attendance and participation as we studied “Joseph and His Journey Through Egypt.” We were all fascinated by the colorful and decorative lifestyle of the Egyptians. Back-to-school supplies were given to each child in attendance.

Our LWML gave gifts to 23 homeless veterans for Labor Day. We plan to shower them with gifts for Veterans’ Day and Christmas.

Thanks to Pastor Arthur Porter for ministering to us twice a month. He has also made his service available for other needs. We give glory, honor, and praise to God for all these blessings.