Level 1 Hurricane Preparedness Activated

With the high probability of Topical Strom 16L developing into Nate as it enters the Gulf of Mexico this weekend, the Southern District is activating their Level 1 Hurricane Preparedness Plan. Coastal area congregations and individuals are urged to pay close attention to the rapid development of this storm system and prepare to respond appropriately.

Here is the latest information on this system.

Tropical Strom 16L Is Likely To Become Tropical Storm Nate Within The Next 24 Hours & Likely Will Be Hurricane Nate As It Heads Towards The Northern US Gulf Coast This Weekend; Everyone From Southeastern Louisiana To The Florida Panhandle Needs To Closely Monitor This System For Hurricane Impacts Sunday & Monday.

The highest threat for a hurricane landfall between late Sunday morning and mid-afternoon Sunday as a 90-110 mph (Cat 1-2) hurricane. This area includes Mobile, Pensacola, Panama City, Apalachicola, and Tallahassee. Everyone from southeastern Louisiana to the Big Bend area of northwestern Florida is at risk of an intensifying hurricane impact on Sunday into Monday. Pay extremely close attention to the progress and forecast of this system. The chances are extremely high that we will have an intensifying hurricane approaching the northern US Gulf Coast on Sunday. This likely will be a fast developing situation with less than average hurricane preparation time.