How Do They Not Know That?

I was in a church leadership meeting and I noticed our leaders did not know some very important things about our mission and ministry. We have covered them in orientation, in our growth time, and in many passing discussions but it did not stick. At first, I was frustrated and did a few chest pumps because I have told them these things several times before. Then I remembered how much I forget, and I work here :). I decided that at our next meeting I would give a pop quiz in order to see what they really know but also to emphasize the importance of knowing these things. We made a game out of it and had a lot of fun, plus learned together. I now have access to DYM (, and you can make it more of a trivia game together. The point is to find different ways to keep important information in front of your people. Have fun with it!

Sample questions:

        1. What is the vision statement of Hope?
        2. What are the core values of Hope?
        3. Does Hope have visitors? T or F and why? (The answer is we only have guests because we invite, prepare, and welcome guests to our homes. Visitors are not planned, not really wanted, and you look forward to them leaving.)
        4. What are the 3 responsibilities of a Greeter at the Beach?
        5. What is the next Big Event?
        6. How do you respond when a guest asks to get involved?
        7. What did the voters pass that hasn’t been fully acted on?
        8. What is my role on Sunday morning?
        9. How do you explain what a Lutheran Church believes, to a new guest?
        10. When and where is the next membership class being offered?
        11. How do you respond when a guest asks about communion?
        12. How do you respond when asked about baptism?

by: Rev. Jason Scheler, Mission Executive of the LCMS Southern District

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