Farewell to Rev. Dr. Richard H. “Pedo” and Lois Meyer

The Rev. Dr. Richard H. Meyer (or “Pedo” as he is affectionately known) and Lois celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on July 30th in a worship service at St. Paul (Port & Burgundy) in New Orleans. Their four children celebrated with them. Rev. Adam Cooper officiated. A reception followed in which many, many warm memories of the couple’s forty-six years in New Orleans quickly filled the church’s basement. Many present wanted their pictures taken with them. For a while, it looked like the paparazzi surrounded them!

Pedo and Lois came to New Orleans from Japan where they served as missionaries for 23 years. They were called to two congregations in the New Orleans area: St. Paul (1971-1978) and Prince of Peace (September 1988 to August 1994). Pedo also served as Southern District President from 1978 to 1988.

Both Pedo and Lois are known for their gentle and kind spirits. Someone commented, “You can see the light of Jesus in their eyes.” This light directed many to know God’s love. On August 1st they flew to Massachusetts to live near two of their children. If you’d like their address, contact Sabine Laird at the District Office – s.laird@www.southernlcms.org.