Covered in Prayer

Redeemer in Pensacola is so blessed to have several very busy and talented ladies blessing so many. They are the Prayer Shawl Ministry Ladies.

For several years now, these ladies have been busy crocheting beautiful prayer shawls to bless hundreds in need of prayer and comfort. They make shawls to be given to the sick or to someone who has had surgery, to families who have lost a loved one, and to families celebrating happy times – like the birth of a child. Shawls have also been distributed to newly married couples and to retirees. Shawls have been given to hundreds all over America. As each lady makes a shawl, she prays over it that God will bless the person receiving it. Once a year, all the shawls that are available for distribution are placed on the altar and Pastor Cole says a prayer that these shawls will be a blessing to those who receive them. He also blesses the ladies whose busy hands continue to serve the Lord with this wonderful service. Redeemer thanks these ladies for their wonderful talent and their gift of service to our Lord and those in need.