Busy Days at St. Paul’s – Foley

bazaar-and-fish-fry-1-st-pauls-foley     bazaar-and-fish-fry-2-st-pauls-foley     bazaar-and-fish-fry-3-st-pauls-foley

This fall has been busy with lots of activity at St. Paul’s September and October found lots of the members busy giving the entire church a good cleaning, and they also spruced up the outside by power washing the walkways and sprucing up the lawn and flower gardens.

There has been a lot of music in the air, as we now have a choir after many years without a choir director. The pastor has also added an additional evening Bible study for those who cannot attend in the daytime.

November was also busy with a church bazaar that included a fish fry dinner for the first time. It was a very successful event and a fun time for everyone The fish dinner was wonderful, as well as the homemade items and baked goods. The crosses were made by Kenny Kinney.

We are excited about the funds that were raised to support the church and mission projects. We are still in the process of obtaining enough funds to repair some of the beautiful stained glass windows.