Artistic Retreat

March was the first of a quarterly coming together of the ladies and friends of Grace Lutheran Church in Pensacola, Florida. So, to honor the ladies, we had an artistic retreat.

Fifty-two women of churches from Gulf Breeze to Mobile gathered at GLC for a program of artistry, lunch, and a Bible study. The artistry was presented by D.B. Waltrip, a local artist in Pensacola, who gave step-by-step instructions to “paint lively” the cross as seen in the photo. The Bible study was Part I of a series. This part was entitled, “You Are Treasured.” It presented the idea that God has created us individually for the work we do. We are all diamonds in the rough with many facets that, once refined, become a perfect gem. It was a time of happiness, fellowship, and fun serving the Lord. Part II will be presented early in May and is entitled, “Titus Women.”