A Special Day at Ascension in Huntsville

On February 13th, during Ascension Lutheran Child Development Center’s Tuesday morning chapel service, a first-time-ever event took place. One of the babies from the CDC was baptized during the service, and all 30-plus kids from ages two to four were in awe of the proceedings.

Little Sonya Jenkins, eight months old, listened to her pastor, Rev. Bernard Ansorge, as he performed the Rite of Baptism. Her only puzzled look occurred after her head was wet – she was wondering why the rest of her wasn’t getting washed, too.

Not only was this a first time for the CDC, but it was also a first-time occurrence for Pastor Ansorge, who has been pastor at Ascension for 49 years. Not only that, but February 13th was also his 80th birthday. All in all, it was a great day in Huntsville, Alabama.