Let All Creation Rejoice!

Let All Creation Rejoice!
The mystery of the Incarnation overcomes the limits of time and space, proclaiming that The Christ refuses to be vague or abstract. Jesus is the Father’s concrete and specific love for His creation. God has humbled Himself to take on human flesh and empowered all of creation to be heralds of His gracious divinity for those who have eyes to see. Jesus has come to save us from our own, willful rebellious separating blindness, lack of fascination, amazement, humility, curiosity, and awe. The Father’s love begotten–Christ Jesus the Savior–is born.
– K.S.

Merry Christmas from the Southern District Staff:


Rev. Kurtis D. Schultz
Rev. Eric Johnson
Mr. Glenn Gerber
Mrs. Daisy Olmstead
Mrs. Sabine Laird
Ms. Muriel Budzeyko
Mrs. Janice Howard
Ms. Ronnie Giaise
Mr. Danny Kennedy