125th Anniversary – Zion in Clinton

Zion Lutheran Church in Clinton, LA, celebrated 125 years on June 1-3, 2018. German immigrants were farming in Southeastern Louisiana. One of their children became ill, and they requested a pastor to baptize the sick child. The New Orleans Mission District sent A.W. Heyne to perform the service.

He came and established the first Lutheran church outside of New Orleans and installed candidate Karl Niermann to serve as the first pastor. Pastor Niermann and his wife were married in 1892 and he performed the first wedding and funeral in the congregation. Wilhelm Radau donated property at what is now Gross Road south of Clinton, and the founding fathers built the first church from logs on the property. Pastor Niermann was installed as the first pastor on June 3, 1892. The Missouri Synod recognized Zion Lutheran Church officially as a congregation in 1893. As the church grew, founding fathers purchased property in Clinton and built the second church in 1926. In 1969, they sold that church and built the brick church that currently stands at 11007 Plank Road. An education building was added in the 1950s. The church has continued to grow and change throughout its history. The original site is maintained as a Lutheran cemetery, and a historical marker was placed on the site during the 125th anniversary celebration. This was followed by a short dedication service led by Pastor David McIntyre. Three days of celebration took place with food, memorabilia, and fellowship. Pastor Steve Becker conducted the sermon for the special Sunday celebration, which was attended by a full church.