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It is important for LCMS congregations to have a web presence.  A church website draws people in by bringing the church and her people to monitors and screens all over the world.  Many visitors, looking for a church, will search the internet for an LCMS church to attend while vacationing, business trips, visiting family, or other reasons.  Newcomers and migrants from other parts of the country or world will browse the internet looking for YOUR church, and if they find your website, they will most certainly spend time looking through the pages and content you present.  Statistics also show that a church website overwhelmingly draws people to church and helps the congregation grow.

Rev. R. Daniel Carlson brings to the table several years of web design experience.  He has designed and built over a dozen websites for LCMS churches throughout the nation, including Zion Lutheran of Detroit, Grace Lutheran of Many Louisiana, the St Paul Food PantryHope Lutheran of Birmingham, Apostles Lutheran of Chicago, to name a few.  He has created his own Content Management System (CMS), designed with a typical LCMS church in mind.  This CMS comes fully loaded with Sermon publication abilities, events calendaring, a beautiful photo gallery, custom CSS (style), and much more.

If your church is in need of a website, or if you would simply like to upgrade what you already have, please contact Pastor Carlson right away.  His costs are low, and he provides his own web hosting service fully managed by him!  You can reach Pastor Carlson by filling out the following form:

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