PALS Program

Post Seminary Applied Learning and Support – LCMS

Helping pastors and their wives in the transition from seminary to congregation.

PALS is an acronym for Post-Seminary Applied Learning and Support, a collaborative effort of our Synod and Districts that regularly brings together groups of recent graduates of our seminaries throughout the first three years of their ministries. In these meetings, the new pastors worship, study and discuss new ministry experiences in the company of an experienced pastor.

Why Should We Have PALS?

Our Synod is blessed with excellent seminaries where the foundation for pastoral ministry is properly laid. It is there that our pastors became theologians. In the tradition of Luther, however, our Synod also recognizes that learning for a pastor no less than others is a life-long endeavor and that the early years of ministry is a critical time in that learning process.

The PALS initiative supports this learning, facilitating the transition of pastors and wives from seminary life to parish ministry. PALS offers opportunities to new pastors to apply their seminary education and to hone ministry skills further.

Taking advantage of these opportunities benefits family, parish, district, Synod, and above all, the effective proclamation of the Gospel.

What Does PALS Hope to Accomplish?

  • To help pastors and wives make a successful transition from seminary life to parish ministry.
  • To foster and enhance pastors’ and wives’ personal, spiritual, and vocational formation.
  • To eliminate the sense of isolation that pastors and wives often experience in the transition from seminary life to parish ministry.

How Is the Program Funded?

Costs of the program are shared by all who benefit from the program. The Synod pays for the development of all the materials used in the program, as well as facilitators’ training. Districts support PALS expenses through a pre-established dollar amount per registered PALS participant.

Congregations reimburse the cost of travel and lodging for pastors and wives. Pastors pay a $25 registration fee each year and are also responsible for the cost of meals.

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