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Ministerial Assistance Program

Ministerial Assistance Program (MAP) is a service provided by the Southern District (LCMS) in conjunction with Lutheran Counseling Services (LCS). This confidential service is designed to help clergy, church workers, i.e., educators, parish nurses, secretaries, etc. and their families cope with the challenges and demands of church life and work.  Contact Dr. Rick Armstrong Email Phone 800-444-2842

Examples of concerns that are appropriate for intervention by Ministerial Assistance Program are:

  • Assessment, referral and/or therapy for an individual, marriage or family concern
  • A pastoral care, congregational, staff, church school, church governance, or risk management issue
  • A vocational crisis or redirection
  • Help with a church worker or parishioner grievance
  • Guidance with shepherding challenges
  • Desire for a listening ear and caring heart

Participating Members have access to the following services:

Consultation—participants have phone access to a pastoral counselor and/or Florida-licensed therapist to consult with regarding a personal, interpersonal, or congregational crisis.

Referral—participants can be referred to licensed therapists and/or certified pastoral counselors in their geographic location.

Coaching—participants take part in a regular process that helps individuals and/or groups move from where they are where they want to be professionally, personally and/or organizationally.

Whatever the issue Southern District’s Ministerial Assistance Program Provides help.

Confidentiality: The principle of confidentiality is steadfastly observed at Lutheran Counseling Services to maintain trust and foster the helping process. The District President’s Office does not know who uses M.A.P. All aspects of confidentiality are held in the strictest confidence to the extent permitted by law.

Rev. Dr. Richard Armstrong is an ordained Lutheran pastor, with over 25 years in the parish minis-try, a Fellow in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and FL-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Florida Qualified Clinical Supervisor with experience in organizational and leadership coaching and consultation. Contact him Email  Phone 800-444-2842