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FCNParish Nurse Program

Blessings to you all, and thank you for stopping by the Parish Nurse page!  I hope you will be uplifted by the information you find.  First, what exactly is a parish nurse and parish nursing?  “The goal of parish nursing in the congregation is the movement toward well-being of the members.  By nature, the practice is nurturing, generative and protective.”  (Introduction to Parish Nursing in a Lutheran Setting, p5) It actually began in 1836.  “…Theodore Fliedner of Germany began training women to become either teachers or nursing deaconnesses.  The nursing deaconess was called Schwester, a common German title for a nurse.  In a congregation she was known asGemeindeschwester (parish nurse).  Fliedner considered the parish nurse his greatest contribution to the church.  [Note:  Florence Nightingale trained in Germany under Fliedner.] (p6

If you need additional information, or would like to pursue parish nursing for your congregation, click HERE. Please feel free to contact me:  Pam Green, Parish Nurse, Grace Lutheran Church, Pensacola FL and Southern District Parish Nurse Representative, at 850-476-5667, or at 850-490-6436, or by EMAIL