Life Tree Cafe






There are currently 8 Life Tree Café planted by Southern District congregations. These plants have been assisted by a Southern District, Spirit Kindle Grant.  For more information contact Eric Johnson  Email Phone 985-796-7175


What is Lifetree Café?
Simply put, it’s a “conversation café”-a place and time for people to gather weekly to experience stories and talk about thought-provoking topics relating to life and faith.

How long does it last?
The Lifetree experience lasts an hour.

Why is it called a “Café”?
Lifetree looks and feels like a cozy café-small tables, comfortable seating, warm environment. Plus, the refreshments at Lifetree Café are free!

What happens there?
The Lifetree hour typically includes real-life stories on film, presentation of interesting and relevant information, conversation with others, and helpful tips to take home.

Is there an admission charge?
It’s absolutely FREE! Nada! Zilch!

Who is it for?
Regardless of beliefs, Lifetree welcomes everyone-individuals, couples, singles, students, and families.

What’s the purpose?
Lifetree brings people together to explore important and intriguing life issues, serve the community, and experience God through Jesus Christ.

Is Lifetree a church?
No. Lifetree is a weekly event in a comfortable cafe-like environment. There’s no membership, no preaching, no singing.

How free am I to share my opinion?
You are very welcome to share your opinion and stories with others. Lifetree is an open and inviting space where everyone’s thoughts are welcome. And, at Lifetree Café, you’re free to simply listen too. Everyone is treated with respect, even when opinions on a particular subject may differ.