Dwelling 1:14 Missional Communities


The name Dwelling 1:14 references John 1:14 and the incarnational, missional nature both of Jesus and of those who would follow Him into the world. Dwelling 1:14 is a nonprofit ministry which helps like-minded Jesus-followers connect in their neighborhoods, workplaces and schools for discipling and missional living.  This nonprofit ministry is lead by Greg Finke, (email) an ordained LCMS pastor with more than 20 years experience growing and leading congregations. For the past seven years, he has been discovering how to live missionally, how to disciple missional leaders and how to establish and multiply missional communities.

Every Sunday, your congregation gathers around Jesus through His Word and sacraments, and is then sent out to join Jesus as He carries out His mission in the world. Joining Jesus in His mission is what is meant by missional living.

Dwelling 1:14 helps individuals, families and congregations reorder their lives to seek the Kingdom of God, have more fun, and spend more time enjoying people through missional living. Dwelling 1:14 is not about changing Sunday mornings but about what happens the rest of the week “out there” in the world, where your congregation lives, works and goes to school.  We have found that when people support each other in seeking the Kingdom of God in the places they already live, work and go to school, really cool things begin to happen regularly!