Congregational Constitutions and Bylaws

When a congregation prepares to revise or amend its Constitution & Bylaws, please consult the resources below to help you through the process.

Helpful Reference Documents:

Important Considerations and Notes:

      1. Please make sure when changes are made to your Constitution/Bylaws the date of those changes/decisions are included. If there is not an originating date for your first Constitution/Bylaws, please indicate one.
      2. Make sure the Constitutions Committee/and District Office has a copy of your most current and approved Constitution.
      3. You may wish to insert a provision in your bylaws that will help your congregation to remember to send any changes to the Constitutions Committee for review and recommendation before they are implemented. The protocol is all changes are submitted to the Constitutions Committee. If accepted, they are submitted to the District Board of Directors for approval. The congregation is then notified and the changes become effective.
      4. If a congregation has not submitted its changes to the Constitutions Committee, please do it as soon as possible! As congregations, we have covenanted together to follow the guidelines of the LCMS. Submitting them is a part of our mutual commitment to each other.
      5. When submitting your document, please indicate what changes you are making and where you wish to make them by some kind of designation. If a congregation just submits their Constitution/Bylaws without any notations, the whole document will be reviewed.
      6. If you have submitted a document and haven’t been contacted within 30 days, please email the Constitutions Committee Chairman, Rev. Bob Belknap. There is always the possibility your document could either be lost or the file has been misplaced for a time or is yet in line for a review.
      7. If a congregation has not responded to the Committee’s review or questions within 60 days, their document will be filed until the Committee is notified a congregation wishes to continue the process.
      8. A Constitution/Bylaw review of your document should be made every 5 years or so to make sure it is updated for effectiveness. Perhaps a statement in the Bylaws would help congregations to remember.
      9. If you have any questions contact the Chairman Rev. Bob Belknap.