Calling a Pastor

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Calling a Pastor

In general these are the steps for calling a pastor; however, each congregation has its own constitution and by-laws to which they must adhere. The District Office works closely with each congregation to work through this process. When a congregation experiences the departure of one of its pastors, or desires to expand its pastoral staff, there are people who will share their help and experience with the congregation. Look especially to the following:

The District President

It is vitally important for the congregation to contact the District President email or call 985-796-7175 and arrange a meeting with him before you begin the process. He assists the congregation with two special responsibilities.

      • Helping the congregation plan well as it seeks to enhance its mission and ministry.
      • Supervising the process by which the congregation calls another pastor.

The Circuit Visitor

The Circuit Visitor may serve at the direction of the District President as his on-the-scene representative to be available to advise you. The District treasury covers his expenses. Specifically, the circuit visitor helps in these ways:

      • Helps the call committee to assess the needs and opportunities of the parish, in cooperation with the current pastoral leadership, as appropriate.
      • Actively assists the congregation in identifying resources.
      • Attends meetings relating to the calling of a pastor as the representative of the District president.
      • Attends meetings of the church council and/or voters’ assembly as requested by the District president or as he deems necessary.
      • Assists in the arrival and installation of the new pastor, as requested.

Recommended Steps in the Pastoral Call Process

      1. Contact the District President email or call 985-796-7175 to arrange his visit and download Call Procedure Basics and Types of Pastoral Ministry. 
      2. Establish the Call Committee and Calling Procedure.
      3. Complete necessary documents as supplied by the District Office, which include a Congregational Profile and Self Study.
      4. Receive nominations for the office of Pastor using this Nominations Form.
      5. Questions should be directed to the District President’s Administrative Assistant Daisy Olmstead by email or phone 985-635-4382. She will also provide the User Name and Password to download the Call Documents.
      6. Publish the list of nominees to the congregation and forward them to the District President.
      7. District President returns a list of candidates to the congregation for election.
      8. Call Committee gathers additional information for Call Document. District Salary Guidelines found here.
      9. Publish the call list and establish the date and rules of procedure for the call service.
      10. Immediately notify the pastor-elect of his selection, send the proper call documents and arrange for a post-call visit.
      11. After acceptance, plan for arrival, installation and ongoing mutual ministry.