Resources for Future Church Workers

How Can I Serve?

Are you prayerfully considering a career in church work? Here are the ways you can serve the Lord as a professional church worker:

      • Pastor
      • Teacher
      • Deaconess
      • Director of Christian Education
      • Director of Christian Outreach
      • Director of Family Life Ministry
      • Director of Parish Music
      • Lay Minister

The Concordia University System website provides an explanation of the professional church work careers, as well as resources to help you prayerfully seek the Lord’s guidance in discerning the right one for you.

LCMS Church Workers receive their training through the Concordia University System and two seminaries. Upon successful completion of a church work program at one of these educational institutions, you are eligible for placement on the LCMS Roster of Ordained Ministers or the LCMS Roster of Commissioned Ministers.

Educational Institutions for Professional Church Workers

Colloquy programs prepare men and women who are currently serving in ministry roles for membership in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as Ministers of Religion–Commissioned.

These programs ensure that those who seek to join the Synod have been educated in theology, have become oriented to service to the Synod and have demonstrated the professional and spiritual attributes that the Synod expects of its members.

Qualified applicants are those who are competent workers in the field for which they seek colloquy.

Read the Commissioned Minister Colloquy Policy Manual here.

To apply for the Commissioned Minister Colloquy Program, contact the President’s Office (email or 985-635-4382).

Pastoral Colloquy is the process by which men who meet specific criteria may secure admission to the ministerium of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. This admission may be provided through a “colloquy” (discussion, interview) with the Colloquy Committee for the Pastoral Ministry.

The 2015 Policy Manual, “Admission to the Pastoral Ministry of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod by Colloquy: Bylaws and Policies,” states:

To be eligible to apply for colloquy, applicants must fit into one of the three categories listed below (the applicant will indicate under which category he is applying, but the Colloquy Committee for the Pastoral Ministry is responsible for the final determination of the category in each individual situation):

        1. Active Pastors from Other Christian Church Bodies
        2. Men Who Have Prepared for Pastoral Ministry but, at the Time of Application, Are Not in Active Service as Pastors
        3. Licensed Deacons of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Read the General Pastor Colloquy Policy Manual here.

To apply for the General Pastor Colloquy Program, contact the President’s Office (email or 985-635-4382).

Student Financial Aid

The CUS website provides important information about financial aid – including steps to keep in mind when applying for financial aid, as well as public service loan forgiveness.

The Southern District offers scholarships for professional church work students. To apply, complete the application and send it to the Financial Air office of the Concordia college/university or seminary you choose to attend.

Disbursement: Upon completion of your educational program and certification, you will receive the financial award in one lump sum.

Download the District Financial Aid Application here.

Are you a donor who has a heart for sponsoring the church worker endowment fund?

Make a donation online here.

You also have the option of mailing a donation. Please write “Church Worker Endowment Fund” on the memo line of your check.

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Thank you for blessing the Church and its future professional workers!

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